During our medical brigades, we saw a lot of malnutrition with muscle waste and distended bellies. 

Most villagers had only one meal a day consisting of rice and tortillas. 

The Poultry Project

In 2013, we provided funds that enabled the villagers to build a chicken coop, purchase chickens, and chicken feed.  Laying hens provided enough eggs for the schoolchildren and villagers to add eggs to their diet.


Protein in their diet has resulted in an increase in muscle and less distended bellies.  The villagers sell excess eggs for chicken feed.  It is a self-sustaining project except for buying occasional medicine for the chickens and replacement laying hens every two years.



Once Guanacaste had a consistent water source, it opened the opportunity to start an agriculture project.  We provided “seed money” to help the villagers buy tools, plants and seeds.  They were able to plant beans, tomatoes, carrots, radishes, and yacca—-a type of potato.


The entire village is benefiting nutritionally from this project.

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