Hope for the Future

Grade School Support

The grade school consists of grades kindergarten through sixth grade. The village school lacked even the most basic of school supplies.  Throughout the years, we have been able to provide many improvements. The children were provided books, and school supplies. Going forward each school year, we provide each student with a new uniform, along with shoes and socks. 

In 2016 electricity was installed in the classrooms enabling us to install lighting.   One of our donors donated a laptop computer.  Another donated a projector.  Our medical team purchased children’s movies in Spanish and brought them on their August 2017 mission trip.  The children were delighted to watch movies for the first time.


School Uniform Day

Kindergarten Project

The kindergarten classroom was in an abandoned storage shed.  There was only one door and there were no windows.  In 2015, we were able to raise over $10,000 for construction of a new kindergarten classroom building.  The villagers built the school and were paid for their work.


Friends of Honduras