Clean Water

Bringing Water to the Village

Water was a major priority for our team because each day the villagers walked two hours carrying five-gallon containers of water on their backs.  There was a long pipeline throughout the region that ideally would have brought water, but with breaks along the pipeline, water did not reach the village.

Guanacaste Water Source


In the spring of 2014, one of our group, an engineer, and a geologist from Engineers Without Borders, examined the pipeline finding an 80% loss due to leaks.  We were able to raise enough funds to repair the pipeline, resulting in running water to the village.

Clean Water

Even though the village has running water, the water is not pure.  We are working in conjunction with Living Waters for the World (LWW) on a water purification initiative.   On our last trip we met with the Honduran director of LWW to begin a purification project. 

Well Renovation in San Marcos

In the process of discussing plans for a Living Waters for the World (LWW) system in the area, we learned of an abandoned well in San Marcos. It’s manual pump mechanism had been broken for several years. Seeing this as a possible site for a LWW system, we engaged a well drilling team from Pimienta, Cortez with which we had a long-standing relationship. We funded a crew to investigate the well and they found it to be salvageable.  They blew it out (aka cleaned) and found it had a production capability of around 30gpm. On November 14, they returned and installed a new pump head and handle, so that the villagers now have access to clean water again.


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