Our trip was delayed until May this year due to political turmoil after the presidential election in Honduras. Even though we were pushed into the rainy season, we consider this trip to be one our most successful.

The Water Purification Project

We are pleased to report that after many years of effort, we signed an agreement with Guanacaste to build a Living Waters for the World purification facility in the village. This will finally allow the distribution of clean bottled water to every household. The projected completion date of this project is July, 2019.



Friends of Honduras delivered the first of six LEGO Mindstorms Robotics kits and laptop computers to Guanacaste for STEM/robotics education. This is a cooperative effort with Christian Brothers College High School in St. Louis and the Greater St. Louis Eagle Scouts. This endeavor is surely a first for such a remote region of Honduras.

The Swing Set

It took us a year, the help of a drilling team in Houston, and a Dole banana boat to stage all of the parts of the swing set. Together with the villagers we worked in rain and mud for two days to complete a beautiful, red, yellow and blue swing set for the children. Mud didn’t stop the elation, pure joy and squeals of delight as the children tried out swinging for the first time. Parents, teachers and the swing set crew equally shared those feelings as everyone stood watching the children enjoy their new playground fun equipment.

The Food Storage Warehouse

As part of our trip, we were able to celebrate the completion of the food storage warehouse. This project came about as a request of the villagers. Previously rice and beans had been stored in one of the classrooms. Besides taking up classroom space, the food had to be stored adjacent to open windows leaving it exposed to excess moisture. Thanks to generous donors, we were able to fund the construction of the warehouse, which included space for future teachers’ office expansion. We are proud of the skilled village craftsman who once again displayed their expertise in construction of the warehouse.

The Village of Aguacate

We are just in the initial stages of extending community development to the village of Aguacate. While we were in Honduras, we were able to visit the village and meet the village leaders as well as the deacon of the church for a discussion of this endeavor. We hope to be able to raise enough funds to extend more help for this very deserving village.

The Medical and Dental Team

The Medical and Dental Team arrived in Honduras July 14th and are on their way to both Guanacaste and Aguacate for their medical and dental clinics. We will have their update on the clinics and their many adventures coming soon! We wish them a safe, happy and productive trip!

Friends of Honduras